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Tools For Collectors, Investors & Whisky Lovers!

We monitor data from 27 whisky auctions. Our database contains 3801720 past & 22677 records from live auctions. We also keep an eye on major online retailers.
Updated: Fri 12 Apr 2024
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For Whisky Collectors:

  • Track the value of your collections
  • Seek for invaluable opportunities to replenish collections
  • Observe the rise and fall of interest in certain bottles
  • Look for new directions for collecting
  • Know when and where it is more profitable to buy & sell
  • Look for collector's items in retail shops

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For Whisky Investors:

  • Check out the trends in the secondary whisky market
  • Seek for interesting items for investment
  • Monitor the price fluctuations of certain bottles
  • Know when and where it is more profitable to buy & sell
  • Make balanced decisions based on historical data
  • See what buyers and sellers receive after auction fee adjustments

For Whisky Lovers:

  • Look for the opportunity to buy interesting items
  • Explore the diversity of the world of whisky and rare spirits
  • Know the real market prices for reasonable purchases without overpayments
  • Compare whisky retail prices
  • Have fun ;)

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