About us

It all started back in 2019 with my fascination with whisky. I loved to drink it (and still do), but at the same time I also enjoyed owning some rare bottle. And where to get an interesting bottle of whisky at a decent price? Online auctions, of course. Often browsing through auctions, I've wondered how much to bid on a particular bottle so as to buy it without overpaying. I would like to know how much and where similar bottles were sold before. Searching for a service that could help me with this has yielded no results. So I decided to develop a Whisky Hunter to solve this problem.

In the beginning, Whisky Hunter was not a large site, it was used by a few people and only monitored 3 major auctions. But time passed, the number of auctions and the database grew. New functionality was constantly added to the website according to our users' requests and suggestions. Now we have probably the world largest database with whisky auction results and a lot of additional services for our users. We continue to work on improving the site and adding new features.

Many thanks to all users for their support, advice and ideas. Without your support there would be no Whisky Hunter.


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