Whisky Valuation and Redemption Service

Welcome to Whisky Hunter's exceptional whisky bottle valuation and redemption service. As professionals in the secondary whisky market, we pride ourselves on providing fair and accurate valuations for your prized bottles. Our seamless three-stage process ensures you receive a swift and satisfying experience when selling your valuable whisky.

1. Submit your bottle information and photos

Begin by filling out our user-friendly form and uploading clear photographs of your whisky bottle. Providing detailed information and high-quality images will enable our team of experts to assess your bottle's value accurately.

2. Receive our expert valuation within 48 hours

Our dedicated team will carefully review your submission and, within 48 hours, inform you whether your bottle is of interest to us. We will also present you with a competitive offer based on our extensive market knowledge and expertise.

3. Complete the transaction and get paid

If you are satisfied with our quotation, securely ship your whisky bottle to the provided address. Once we receive and verify the bottle, we will transfer the agreed-upon amount to your bank account within two working days.


We look at every bottle that is offered to us for valuation, but we may choose not to evaluate it if it does not interest us. However, we always respond to every request we receive.
We do not evaluate miniature bottles or bottles where the level of whisky cannot be seen. Moreover, we don't evaluate bottles that are commonly available for purchase in any local store.
It's also worth noting that we may refuse to provide a valuation without providing any reasons for the refusal.

To evaluate the value of whisky, it's important to consider the actual price at which it has been sold in auctions, rather than the retail price. Additionally, the value can be influenced by the country in which the whisky is located, with prices differing from location to location.
Other factors that affect the value include the rarity of the bottle, its cosmetic condition, the presence of packaging, and the level of whisky remaining in the bottle. One way to assess the value of a whisky is by using Whisky Hunter, a paid service that provides valuation and redemption services. However, it's important to note that even subscribing to the minimum tariff plan is enough to get a valuation.

Our whisky bottle valuation and redemption service offers several advantages over traditional whisky auctions. Firstly, the speed of the transaction - selling a bottle at an auction can take up to two months, whereas we typically close a deal very quickly, usually within 1-2 weeks.
Secondly, we offer a guaranteed result. When selling at an auction, you never know how much you will receive for your bottle. With us, you will know (after our valuation) exactly how much we are willing to pay for your bottle.

The value of identical whisky bottles can differ due to several factors, such as the cosmetic condition of the bottle and packaging, the level of whisky remaining in the bottle, and the geographical location of the lot.
Moreover, the price of a bottle can be influenced by bidding wars during auctions, which can cause the price to skyrocket. Conversely, if there is no demand for a particular bottle at the time of the auction, it may sell for a lower price than expected.
Another important factor is the rarity of the specific bottle, as some bottles are more difficult to find on the auction market than others. All of these factors can cause two identical bottles of whisky to have different values.