Analysis of whisky auctions — where it is better to buy and where to sell

Whisky collectors or investors often have the question of which whisky auction is the best place to buy whisky or where to sell it for the best possible profit. The answer to this question can be obtained by analysing the sales history of the bottle in which you are interested, across all the major auctions. Doing the search and calculations manually will take a lot of time and effort. After all, you have to find the whisky of choice from all the auctions and take into account the value of all the commissions, and then compare those values.

Whisky auctions analysis just got easier for our users. All our paid users now have the ability to analyse the sales history of auctions. All you have to do is click on the Analyse button.

analyse button

In the comparison table you can see a summary of whisky sales by auction over the last 6 or 12 months.

whisky auction analyse table

The following information is displayed for each of the auctions:

  • Sold qty. - quantity of sales for the period
  • S. min - minimum amount the seller received
  • S. mean - mean amount the seller received
  • S. max - maximum amount the seller received
  • H. min - minimum hammer price
  • H. mean - mean hammer price
  • H. max - maximum hammer price
  • B. min - minimum amount paid by the buyer
  • B. mean - mean amount paid by the buyer
  • B. max - maximum amount paid by the buyer

All of these columns are sortable. This means you can sort by number of sales, or maximum amount received by the seller, or minimum amount paid by the buyer, etc.

whisky auction analyse sortable

For users who have Advanced search included in their tariff plan, you can click on the name of the auction in the table and see the lots that were used to calculate the values.

It is also important to understand that sales history does not guarantee the same or similar results in future auctions.


Q: What does the 6 or 12 months of data used in the analysis depend on?

A: Depends on how much data is available for analysis. If more than 400 sales, data for the last 6 months is used, if less, data for 12 months.

Q: How accurate are the results?

A: The data are displayed based on your query. The more accurate your query, the more accurate the data in the table.

Q: What is the accounting of auction commissions based on?

A: All auction commissions are calculated for buyers and sellers on the basis of these values.

Q: Why the Analyse button is not always displayed?

A: The button is only displayed when data is available for analysis.

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Updated: Feb. 2, 2022