Bottle Recognition Feature is pleased to roll out a valuable new feature for our premium subscribers, further enriching the whisky auction browsing experience. Our updated platform now automatically highlights recognized bottles in our Live, Retail, and Past auction lists.

When browsing our auction lists, highlighted entries signify that the bottle has been identified by our system. With no action needed on your part, you can click on these entries to access a detailed page at, which offers extensive information about the whisky, including sale history and average prices.

highlights recognized bottles

By automatically identifying bottles, this feature eliminates the need for manual searches, making it easier to find specific whiskies. With comprehensive information now more accessible, you can quickly learn about the latest releases and sought-after collectibles.

Our database currently includes recognition data for hundreds of thousands of bottles from global auctions, and we're constantly updating it with new bottles and auction lots. This expansive and growing resource is designed to be an invaluable tool for tracking and discovering whiskies.

While our AI-driven recognition system, supported by human moderation, aims for precision, we are mindful of the occasional data discrepancies due to the sheer volume and variety of information. Our team is dedicated to continuous improvement and accuracy of our listings.

Please note, however, that our bottle recognition feature does not include active eBay auction lots due to the variability in how sellers list identical whiskies. For past eBay auction lots, recognition is available.

We hope this new feature will make your experience not just more efficient, but more enjoyable too, by simplifying the way you explore the world of whisky auctions.

We are committed to providing reliable and comprehensive information, but we encourage all users to verify data independently for their reference.

Whisky Hunter Team

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Updated: Dec. 10, 2023