When and where to sell or buy Macallan Fine Cacao or another new release profitably

The purpose of this post is to give you some thoughts to help you buy or sell a new release at maximum profit.

Every new whisky release generates a certain amount of excitement on the secondary market (auctions) immediately after release. Taking the new Macallan Fine Cacao release as an example, we look at the selling and buying prices at whisky auctions.


As you can see from the sales chart (available to subscribers), the highest prices for a new release are at the earliest auctions. Therefore, if you want to sell a new release, it makes sense to do so as early as possible, on the earliest auction date.

And if you are buying a new Macallan Fine Cacao, for example, it makes sense to wait until supply and demand are balanced out on the market. This way, you can buy the right release without paying too much, at a fair market price.

It is also worth analysing at which auction it is on average more profitable to sell or buy a particular release.


The point of this message is that it's not always the most popular auction that will allow you to buy at the lowest price and vice versa sell at the highest. Every new release (and not just new releases) is unique and worth a separate analysis.

This analysis is carried out using tools available to all Whisky Hunter subscribers. And it took less than one minute.

In addition to looking back in time, you can view live auctions for Macallan Fine Cacao and choose the best offer. With our service this is easy and straightforward, as we show the current value including all commissions for each auction.

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Updated: July 1, 2022