How to hide lots containing multiple bottles and/or miniatures?

It is now possible for all registered users to quickly exclude lots that contain multiple bottles and/or are miniatures from the search results. These lots are marked in the table with appropriate icons.

Use these switches to exclude lots containing multiple items or thumbnails. This option is available for Past, Live & Retail searches.


Important moments:

  1. When calculating the value of a bottle in your collection, all lots containing multiple bottles and/or if it is a miniature will be excluded. Unless explicitly stated otherwise when adding an item to the collection.
  2. We consider a miniature if the volume of the bottle is up to and including 10cl (100ml).
  3. If a lot includes a large bottle (70cl etc.) and a miniature, we do not classify it as a miniature.
  4. All charts take into consideration your settings for displaying lots where there are multiple bottles and/or thumbnails. If you have them switched off, they will not be visible on the charts either.

Updated: July 6, 2022