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BenRiach distillery
Country Scotland
Founded 1898
Status Active
Website http://www.benriachdistille…
Owner Benriach Distilling Co. Ltd.
Wash stills 2
Spirit stills 2
WhiskyBase rating 85.98

Founded in 1898 by John Duff, the original BenRiach was short-lived; following monetary difficulties the distillery was sold to the Longmorn Distilleries Company who closed it at the turn of the twentieth century. BenRiach, named for the Gaelic for ‘speckled mountain’, was one of the few distilleries with its own floor maltings, following closure they remained in use, supplying neighbouring Longmorn.

Today, BenRiach is back in full production and has become a firm favourite for many Scotch whisky fans. It has cemented a reputation as an unconventional whisky distiller with some of the most experimental casks in Speyside. BenRiach distils three malt whisky styles - unpeated, peated and triple distilled - and is one of the two remaining Speyside distilleries to use malted barley from its own on-site floor maltings, which were reopened in 2013.

Some BenRiach releases are of particular interest to collectors and advanced amateurs. These are high-rated releases can be highlighted:

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Top 10 BenRiach Whisky Lots by Price

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Date Lot Auction Hammer
Aug 2019 BenRiach 1970 37 year old #1893 auction ended Bonhams £ 2785.0
May 2018 BenRiach 1966 40 year old auction ended Bonhams £ 2486.0
Aug 2020 Benriach 40 Year Old Gift Pack auction ended Whisky Auctioneer £ 2100.0
Feb 2017 Benriach Firkin 1978-2010 - 32 Year Old - Only 40 Bottles auction ended Whisky-Online Auctions £ 2050.0
Feb 2019 Benriach - October 1966, b. October 2006, 40 Years old, Single Malt Scotch Whisky, One of 265 auction ended £ 2026.0
Aug 2018 BenRiach 1975 40 year old #7028 auction ended Bonhams £ 1989.0
Oct 2019 Benriach 1968 Single Cask 36 Year Old #2708 auction ended Whisky Auctioneer £ 1950.0
Jul 2014 Benriach Firkin 1978 - 32 Year Old auction ended Whisky-Online Auctions £ 1850.0
Dec 2019 Benriach - Gordon MacPhail, The Dram Takers, 17.3.1966, b. 13.7.2016, 50 Years old auction ended £ 1841.0
Nov 2019 Benriach 1966 Gordon and MacPhail 50 Year Old 'Book of Kells' / LMDW 60th Anniversary auction ended Whisky Auctioneer £ 1700.0
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End date Lot Auction Last Bid Want it?
3.10 21:10 Benriach 1997 17 years old Train Line - Jack Wieber - b. 2015 - 700ml live Catawiki £ 59.0 Place Bid
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