Glen Albyn Whisky Auction Analysis & Price Trends

glen albyn
Country Scotland
Founded 1844
Status Silent
Website N/A
Owner Diageo
Wash stills 1
Spirit stills 1
WhiskyBase rating 87.76

Started in 1846 thanks to a local duke, James Sutherland. As it stood behind the Caledonian Canal, water was drawn here directly from Loch Ness. It closed between 1917 and 1919 and was used as an American naval base during the First World War. In 1920 it was acquired by Mackinlays & Birnie (also known as Glen Mhor Distillery). In 1972 both Glen Mhor and Glen Albyn bought DCL, and closed it in 1983. A couple of years later, the distillery was demolished to build a supermarket in its place.

Glen Albyn whisky style: A light, dry whisky with floral and fruity notes. Apéritif.

The interesting releases could be highlighted:

Bottles that could be intriguing for whisky collectors and investors due to their potential value & rarity

Glen Albyn 1975 - 26 Year Old - Rare Malts Selection
Glen Albyn 1975 - 26 Year Old - Rare Malts Selection - 700 ml / 54.8%
 since Jan. 2006*
 avg. price in 2024**
 avg. annual shift 2006-2024 **
Minimum subscription tier to unlock: * - Quarter, ** - Hogshead

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Top 10 Expensive Glen Albyn Whiskies Sold at Auctions

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Date Lot Auction Hammer
Jun 2020 Glen Albyn 10 Year Old 1960s auction ended Whisky Auctioneer £ 2950.0
Apr 2019 Glen Albyn 10 Year Old 1960s auction ended Whisky Auctioneer £ 2100.0
May 2018 Glen Albyn 1963 21 year old auction ended Bonhams Whisky Auction £ 1889.0
Feb 2021 Glen Albyn 1964 Cadenhead's 27 Year Old 75cl / 150th Anniversary auction ended Whisky Auctioneer £ 1800.0
Apr 2019 Glen Albyn 8 Year Old 1960s auction ended Whisky Auctioneer £ 1800.0
Apr 2024 Glen Albyn 1963 Cadenhead's 15 Year Old auction ended Whisky Auctioneer £ 1705.0
Nov 2020 Glen Albyn 1967 34 year old #3920 auction ended Bonhams Whisky Auction £ 1652.0
Aug 2022 Glen Albyn 10 Year Old John McPherson Cask Strength 1960s / Whiskyteca Edoardo Giaccone auction ended Whisky Auctioneer £ 1651.0
Apr 2019 Glen Albyn 6 Year Old 1960s auction ended Whisky Auctioneer £ 1600.0
Feb 2021 Glen Albyn 10 Year Old John McPherson Cask Strength 1960s / Whiskyteca Edoardo Giaccone auction ended Whisky Auctioneer £ 1600.0
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Top 20 Expensive Glen Albyn Whiskies From Online Retailers

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Shop Item Desc Extra Price Buy It
The Whisky Barrel Glen Albyn 43 Year Old 1979 Private Collection (2023) - Cask: #3857 - 70cl / 56.4% - - £ 3500.0 Buy It
The Whisky Exchange Glen Albyn 1979 / 43 Year Old / Gordon & MacPhail Private Collection Highland Whisky - 70cl / 56.4% / Gordon & MacPhail - - £ 3500.0 Buy It
Hard To Find Whisky Glen Albyn (Silent) - Private Collection - Single Cask #3857 1979 43 Year Old - 70Cl | 56.4% - - £ 3499.95 Buy It
Hard To Find Whisky Glen Albyn (Silent) - Private Collection - Single Cask #3856 1979 40 Year Old - 70Cl | 52.2% - - £ 2999.95 Buy It
Hard To Find Whisky Glen Albyn (Silent) - Private Collection Single Cask #3856 - 1979 40 Year Old - 70Cl | 52.2% - - £ 2999.95 Buy It
The Whisky Exchange Glen Albyn 10 Year Old Whiskyteca Cask Strength Bot.1970s - 75cl / 56.9% - - £ 2500.0 Buy It
The Whisky Barrel Glen Albyn 1976 (2012) - 70cl / 43.0% - - £ 2500.0 Buy It
Master of Malt Glen Albyn 26 Year Old 1975 - Rare Malts Single Malt Whisky - 70Cl / 54% - - £ 799.0 Buy It
The Whisky Exchange Glen Albyn 10 Year Old / Bot.1970s Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky - 75cl / 43.4% - - £ 750.0 Buy It
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The chart of monthly trade volumes of the Glen Albyn distillery. The chart is in direct proportion to the lot quantity and prices, displaying the liquidity of lots on the secondary market and interest in them. Trading volume growth indicates the drawn attention to distellery

The chart of lot price fluctuation by month of the Glen Albyn distillery. The lot average price chart indicates the growth or fall of the investment attractiveness of whisky over time.

The chart, representing traded lot quantity by month of the Glen Albyn distillery. The chart displays the popularity and seasonal dependence of the quantity of the lots auctioned online.

Frequently Asked Questions

In the FAQ section will find answers to common questions that interest collectors and investors

The value of a Glen Albyn whisky bottle can be influenced by several factors. Below is a detailed breakdown based on key aspects:

  1. Identification of the Bottle: Initially, it's essential to accurately identify the bottle in question. Familiarity with the specific release, including the release year, alcohol strength, and maturation period, will aid in its valuation.
  2. Specific Bottle Variation: Numerous releases of Glen Albyn whisky have occurred over the years. The specific release to which a bottle belongs greatly impacts its value. Additionally, the condition of the bottle, the labeling, and the level of fill are crucial factors in determining its worth.
  3. Sale or Purchase Venue: The platform or venue where you choose to buy or sell the whisky bottle can significantly affect its price. Typically, bottles can be acquired for a lower price at auctions, while retail stores may have higher markups. If selling as a private individual, the most realistic price benchmark is its auction price, although auction commission fees will apply.

Furthermore, by utilizing the Whisky Hunter service, you can independently evaluate the value of your whisky bottle. Our platform offers a thorough analysis and valuable insights to help ascertain the actual market value of your Glen Albyn whisky bottle.

The variation in price for the same bottle across different auctions can be attributed to several factors:

  • Diverse Bidder Base: Different auctions attract various types of bidders, each with their own valuation of the bottle, which in turn influences the final price.
  • Geographical Differences: The region in which an auction is held can impact demand, especially if certain Glen Albyn releases are scarce or unavailable in specific markets, thus affecting the price.
  • Auction Timing: The timing of an auction can influence price due to external factors such as market trends or seasonal demand.

The profitability of buying or selling a Glen Albyn whisky bottle can be impacted by several factors:

  • Geographical Location: Your location can affect both buying and selling opportunities, impacting the overall cost and ease of the transaction.
  • Shipping Logistics: Considering the logistics and costs tied to shipping the bottle for sale or after purchase is vital for making an informed decision.
  • Auction Platforms: Auction platforms often reflect the most accurate market price for buying or selling. However, aspects like commission rates, bidder preferences, and auction timing can result in price variations across platforms.
  • Market Trends: In-depth research into the current market conditions and historical data can aid in identifying trends and forecasting potential opportunities for buying or selling Glen Albyn at a favorable price.

Ascertain the most profitable venue for buying or selling a specific bottle requires a careful examination of these factors. Our analysis tools allow you to compare specific bottles across auctions and regions, providing valuable insights. By leveraging these insights and adopting a meticulous, research-driven approach, you can pinpoint opportunities that align with your goals, optimizing profitability and satisfaction in your whisky transactions.

Forecasting the value fluctuation of a Glen Albyn whisky over time is a nuanced and uncertain task. Although past auction prices provide historical insights, they don't necessarily indicate future trends. In the short term, like 1-2 months, recent auction cycles might offer a rough estimate of the bottle's value, but long-term projections are significantly more complex.

The price of a Glen Albyn whisky is swayed by market demand and supply, influenced by numerous factors including rarity, age, branding, economic conditions, and consumer preferences, all of which are unpredictable. Even in the near future, market behavior can be capricious.

Markets often exhibit cyclical tendencies—following a decline, there might be growth. However, this pattern isn't guaranteed, and investment decisions shouldn't solely hinge on this assumption. It's prudent to consult with whisky investment specialists or utilize analytical tools and data available on platforms like ours to decipher the unique traits and trends of the whisky market.

In summation, whisky investment intertwines both art and science, requiring a profound understanding of the product, market dynamics, and one's investment goals. A balanced approach melding patience, research, and a readiness to navigate the intricacies of the whisky realm may foster rewarding investment experiences. Yet, it's vital to remember, like all investments, inherent risks are involved, and past performance doesn't foretell future outcomes.

Investing in a cask of Glen Albyn offers a unique opportunity that could potentially yield profits, albeit with its inherent set of risks and complexities. Here's a detailed examination of various facets to consider:

  1. Unique Investment Avenue:

    Whisky cask investment is a unique venture that can be profitable, yet it necessitates a deep understanding and acceptance of the associated risks.

  2. Storage Considerations:

    Delving into the specifics of cask storage—including costs, conditions, and regulatory compliance—is crucial to ensure optimal maturation conditions.

  3. Ownership Transfer Intricacies:

    Understanding the intricacies involved in the transfer of cask ownership rights, ensuring proper documentation and adherence to legal procedures, is vital to secure your investment.

  4. Fraud Prevention:

    Given the potential for fraud, thorough scrutiny of ownership transfer details and vetting the seller is imperative to mitigate risks.

  5. Auction Acquisitions:

    Acquiring casks at reputable whisky auctions is generally less risky, as auction houses often vet sellers and ensure the legitimacy of the ownership transfer.

  6. Investment Analysis:

    Our platform provides resources to evaluate the viability of investing in a cask of Glen Albyn. With data on over 1,000 casks sold or listed at auctions, you can leverage our platform for a thorough analysis. Refer to this blog article on analyzing whisky cask sales at auctions using our platform.

In summation, a cask investment in Glen Albyn requires a comprehensive understanding of the whisky market, legal procedures, and the specifics of cask ownership and storage. Platforms like ours can offer valuable insights and data to aid in making an informed investment decision.

The collectibility of a Glen Albyn whisky hinges on several factors. Here are some key aspects to ponder:

  • Rarity: Limited editions or discontinued bottles often pique collectors' interest.
  • Brand Prestige: Renowned brands or producers usually hold a higher esteem in the collector's realm.
  • Historical Significance: Bottles linked to notable events or personalities may appreciate in value.
  • Condition and Packaging: The bottle's appearance and packaging, including label, capsule, and box, play a significant role in its valuation.
  • Market Trends: Prevailing market trends and investor sentiment can influence the collectibility of the whisky.
  • Personal Affinity: Your own tastes and the thematic alignment of your collection should steer your decision.

Integrating a bottle of Glen Albyn into your whisky collection is fundamentally a personal endeavor, steered by your interests, budget, and collection strategy. Our platform facilitates a thorough exploration of the collectible whisky market, enabling you to compare options and make an enlightened decision that resonates with your objectives.

  • We endeavor to furnish precise and exhaustive data. Utilizing a blend of automated tools and manual verification, our team aggregates information from trustworthy and open sources.
  • Though we prioritize accuracy, it's crucial to recognize that errors, albeit rare, may transpire. Our platform facilitates easy cross-referencing with primary sources, which we highly recommend to affirm the data's validity.
  • Beyond data, we extend analytical tools to help decipher market trends and evaluate a particular bottle's value, aiding you in making informed decisions.

It's pivotal to note that our platform is an informational resource and should be leveraged alongside professional guidance for investment or purchasing decisions. We furnish all data sans liability and underscore that it does not constitute investment advice. It's prudent to assess risks and seek professional counsel when requisite.

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