How to add whisky bottle to Watch List

Watch List - allows you to save your searches for quick and easy access later. 

To add a new bottle to Watch List, use the Past Lots or Live Lots search form.

1) Find the bottle you need using the search field.

search include

2) Clear search results by removing unnecessary values using the Exclude keywords field.

search exclude

3-4) Then click on the Add to Watch List button and fill out the form.

add to watch list

fill form

5) If everything is done correctly, your bottle will appear in your Watch List.

watch list

UPD #1:

We have added the ability to add your bottles from Watch List for automatic tracking across all live whisky auctions.

To do this, when adding or editing a bottle in the Watch List, tick the Set as target box.

set as target whisky

Read more in our post.

UPD #2:

It is now possible to use Tags in a Watch List. Check out this important feature.

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Updated: July 26, 2021