How to add whisky bottle to My Collection Tracker

To add a new bottle to My collection, use the Past Lots search form.

1) Find the bottle you need using the search field.

search form

2) Clear search results by removing unnecessary values using the Exclude keywords field.

search exclude

3-4) Then click on the Add to collection button and fill out the form.

add to collection

add to collection

Important: Be sure to tick the relevant checkboxes if you are adding a set of multiple bottles and/or a miniature(s) to the collection.

5) If everything is done correctly, your bottle will appear in your collection.

whisky collection tracker

UPD: It is now possible to use Tags in a collection. Check out this important feature.


Q: Is it possible to export collection data?

A: Yes. On the collection page at the bottom of the table, click on the Export collection data link..

Q: Who can see my whisky collection?

A: Your collection is only visible to you.

Q: What is the Description field for?

A: In this field you can add any notes you want.

Q: What is the WhiskyBase field for?

A: If you add a link to a bottle on WhiskyBase there, you will have a button to quickly go to that bottle's page.

Q: What is ROI?

A: Return on investment is a ratio between probably profit and the initial cost of your collection.

Q: How to increase accuracy in assessing the value of your collection?

A: For maximum accuracy in estimating the cost of collection is important to be able to accurately find your bottle. To do this, check out our search instructions.

Q: What mean Last auction price?

A: Last auction price is the average amount the seller receives (incl. auction fees). It is calculated with a special algorithm based on the recent auctions results.

Q: How often is the bottle data in the collection updated?

A: Collection data (value of your bottles) is automatically updated in line with the latest auction information. So you can always view an accurate reflection of the true market value for your collection.

Please let us know if you have any further questions / issues on this matter.

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Updated: Nov. 24, 2021